All current users must register in the FOM system. We plan to implement the new system by February 1, 2017. After January 31, 2017, it will not be possible to schedule time on any instrument unless you are registered.

Each Mines user registering in the system will need to select a supervisor and at least one charge code. In the FOM system, the charge code will be the Banner code for your project; do not enter the old EM Lab account numbers.

Register with the system via these instructionsPDF versionText only version. Follow steps 4 and 5 only. Our FOM system is hosted by FOM Networks, so follow this link to schedule time on equipment.

Once you are registered, you may request access to the instruments for which you already an authorized user. Again, please do this ASAP, as setting everybody up as authorized users in the FOM system will take some time.

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