User Fees

It is not our intent to compete with private enterprise. Internal user rates are based on Mines' actual costs of maintaining the laboratory and equipment contained therein. External user rates reflect Mines' direct, indirect and overhead costs associated with maintaining and providing access to the laboratory and equipment contained therein, as well as market surveys of comparable services provided by commercial (private) laboratories. Invited guests, including but not limited to researchers and faculty members of universities with whom Mines has formalized collaborative research relationships and agreements, are also charged our internal rate.


Internal Rate

External Rate

FEI Quanta 600i ESEM $45/hr $185/hr
FEI Helios Nanolab FIB $80/hr $310/hr
JEOL 7000F FESEM $50/hr $240/hr
Philips/FEI CM12 TEM $45/hr $180/hr
Philips/FEI CM200 TEM $55/hr $240/hr
FEI Talos F200X $100/hr $350/hr
PANalytical/Philips X'Pert XRD $25/hr $105/hr
WITec Confocal/Raman/AFM $16/hr $210/hr
DI Dimension 3100 AFM $16/hr $210/hr
Hummer Sputter Coater $8/run $10/run
JEOL Cross-Section Polisher $8/hr $12/hr
Technical Assistance $50/hr $110/hr

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