Computer Policies

The following policies apply to all computers in the Electron Microscopy Laboratory:

  • Data may be saved only to designated directories.
  • Data found in unauthorized locations will be deleted immediately without notice.
  • Data may not be stored on lab computers.
  • Data more than one week old may be removed without notice.
  • USB drives may not be inserted into em-esemeds, em-fib, em-fesemeds, the ESEM controller computer, or the FIB controller computer.
  • User directories on all computers in the Electron Microscopy Laboratory must be named with the user's ADIT username. If the customer does not have an ADIT username, their directory name will be their company name (example GeneralMotors) or personal name (format LastnameFirstInitial, e.g., chandlerj)

EDAX computers for EDS and EBSD data collection have these policies:

For ESEM and FIB:

  • To function properly, the SEM and support computers must both be logged in with the same username. The ESEM username is esem. The FIB username is support. Both computers on each system are left logged on.
  • USB drives may not be inserted in either the microscope or EDAX computer.
  • All data must be loaded and retrieved through the support computer.
  • Users log on to the support computer with their adit credentials.
  • Images from the microscope computers are saved directly to the support computer.
  • EDS data can be saved directly to the support computer.
  • On the FIB, EBSD data should be saved to the C:\ drive of the EDAX computer, then exported to the support computer for retrieval. TEAM software saves automatically to the C:\ drive, and data are exported to the support computer. 


  • The EDAX computer is left logged in as edax-user, and users log on to the SEM computer with their ADIT credentials.
  • Images from the SEM may be saved to the F:Data drive, a USB drive or to the user's shared space on ADIT.
  • Data from em-fesemeds must be retrieved through em-fesem.

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